2nd June 2021 (Wednesday)
Time Event
1400 ASHNO Board meeting
1600 Registration
3rd June 2021 (Thursday)
Time Event
700 Registration
800 Keynote lecture
  Update on the 8th TNM Staging for Head and Neck Cancer
830 Opening Ceremony and Book Launch (TS Azam Baki)
  Welcome Address
  Honorary President, MSO-HNS
  Honorary President, MOS
900 Presidential lecture
930 Sponsored Keynote: MSD
1030 Trade exhibition and Tea break
1100 Symposium 1: Laryngeal tumour
  Conservative laryngeal surgery
  Role of advanced laryngeal imaging in laryngeal carcinoma
  Rehabilitation post laryngectomy
  Non surgical treatment in laryngeal cancer
1145 Symposium 2: Hypopharyngeal tumour
  Surgical options in early staged tumours
  Non-surgical treatment in early staged tumours
  Free flap reconstruction
  Gastric pull up reconstruction
1230 Lunch sponsored symposium
1400 Keynote lecture
  How to improve Head and Neck Tumour services in developing countries
1430 Grand debate: Oral carcinoma
  Oral carcinoma : current role of chemoradiation therapy
  Selective neck dissection in oral carcinoma: Is it necessary?
1500 Symposium 3: Salivary gland tumour
  Salivary gland malignancies
  Chemoradiation in salivary gland malignancies
  Static reconstruction in facial palsy
1600 AGM for MSO / Chapter of ORL HNS Academy of Medicine
1900 Faculty Dinner ( Board members / speakers / committee )
4th June 2021 (Friday)
Time Event
800 Keynote lecture
  Clinical Research in Asia : Lessons from Tata Memorial Hospital , Mumbai
830 Keynote lecture
900 Keynote lecture
  Endoscopic Head and Neck Surgery
930 Keynote Lecture
1000 Trade exhibition and Tea break
1030 Symposium 4: Oropharyngeal tumour
  P-16 positive Oropharyngeal SCC : Multi- institutional Observational Study based  and Neck Cancer Registry in Japan  
  Does HPV status change the oncologic management?
  Impact of COVID-19 management on head and neck cancer
  Treatment de-escalation for HPV-associated oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma 
1130 Symposium 5: Nasopharyngeal carcinoma
  Epidemiology of NPC in Asia
  Endoscopic nasopharyngectomy
  Tips on NPC surveillance
  Comprehensive treatment for locoregionally advanced NPC
1230 Lunch symposium
1430 Keynote lecture
  The infratemporal fossa
1500 Grand debate: Early glottic carcinoma
  The surgical advocate: Conservative laryngeal surgery
  The non-surgical advocate: Radiation therapy
1600 Annual Scientific Meeting
1615 Cancer rehabilitation
1630 Tea break
1930 Gala dinner/ Cultural night for all
5th June 2021 (Saturday)
Time Event
800 Symposium 6: Tertiary laryngology to private practise: Celebrating differences
  Upper airway anaesthesia 
  Office-based procedures in laryngology 
  Evaluation in LPR 
  Voice therapy: What ENT surgeons should know? 
  Laryngeal cancer: Perspectives from a private ENT surgeon 
900 Symposium 7: Paediatric ORL Symposium: Making a big difference in a small airway
  OSA assessment in children
  Management of OSA in children under 4 years old
  DISE directed surgery for pediatric OSA
  Management of OSA in children with Pierre Robin Sequence
  Pulmonologist perspective for management of pediatric OSA
  Maxillofacial perspective for management of pediatric OSA
1000 Tea break
1030 Symposium 8: Otology
  Negligence in detecting and managing cholesteatoma
  Common issues in mastoidectomy causing recurrence
  Advanced technique in managing cholesteatoma
1130 Symposium 9: Opening the pandora's box : the future path of ENT recurrent manifestation
  The ENT conundrum in primary immunodeficiency : what are we missing?
  Disease spectrum in immunodeficiency & autoinflammatory
  Connecting the dots towards the diagnosis of ENT recurrent manifestations
  Basic overview of current  immunotherapy approaches in allergic rhinitis
  Subclinical smell dysfunction : a gift COVID-19 gives to the world